MBP® is highly purified, concentrated, and with only trace amounts of lactose, is suitable for most lactose intolerant people. MBP® is not a calcium supplement, but it helps our bodies use dietary calcium effectively and works synergistically with other bone supporting nutrients.

Our bones contain a matrix of living cells that are in a constant state of flux, always forming new bone and breaking down old bone. As with any living system, bones must be fed with the nutrients they need to thrive. Calcium is the main building material of bone, but must be incorporated to be effective. Vitamin D enables your body to absorb calcium from the foods you eat. MBP® helps bone utilize calcium more effectively by increasing the activity of bone building cells relative to bone dissolving cells. Additionally, our bones need phosphorus, magnesium, copper, boron and manganese. Vitamins C and K are also needed for the body to generate collagen and other bone proteins. These proteins form the mortar of bone structure.*

With the building blocks and mortar in place, bone health centers around the intricate cycle of two types of cells. Osteoblasts are responsible for making bone. Other cells, called osteoclasts, remove bone as its minerals are needed for use elsewhere in the body or as bone needs to be replaced. Bone health is a balance of the two. As we enter middle age, it is normal for osteoblasts to be less active than in youth. With normal aging, lower estrogen levels in women can result in increased bone turnover, and lower bone mass.

One important role of osteoblasts in bone health is producing collagen, a protein that forms a remarkably strong web matrix upon which the bones form. As we normally age, the links in the collagen chains become altered and bone becomes more brittle. The secret to bone health is to feed these important cells the nutrition they need to support their work.

Although many people supplement to make sure they are getting enough calcium, some researchers believe that it is possible to have too much calcium. What is important is to make sure that dietary and supplemental sources combined give you just the right amount. MBP® is effective at putting the calcium you already get from your diet to work.

MBP® supports healthy bone density by promoting a beneficial balance of bone building and bone breakdown. MBP® is a mixture of proteins including cystatin C, kininogen fragment 1.2, angiogenin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. In human clinical trials with women of all ages, MBP® supported healthy net bone formation after 6 months of use.

Strong healthy bones give us the mobility and the means to enjoy life. Our bodies reach peak bone mass at around age 30, so it’s never too early to start caring for them with a healthy diet, weight bearing exercise and the right supplements. Source Naturals MBP® can help you make your bone building regimen stronger.*


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